Saturday, November 26, 2022

How to fight the freeze

An Arctic blast is expected to usher in the first hard freeze of the season in Denton County on Friday morning and homeowners should take care of their sprinkler systems now to avoid unexpected bills later.

“In Lantana, the biggest risk is the backflow protection device,” said Kevin Mercer, Lantana’s General Manager. “Make sure that your irrigation system is winterized and turned off prior to a freeze.”

Mercer recommends that residents drain the pipes that sit above ground.

Instead of paying to have your underground pipes blown out by an irrigation professional, simply closing the supply valve and turning on the irrigation for a couple of minutes should do the trick, Mercer added.

Other cold weather tips include:

• Insulate exposed pipes that come out of the ground and go into your house.
• Drip your outdoor faucet and indoor water tap. 
• Open cabinets below sinks if they are located on an outside wall, especially if you will not be using them on a regular basis.
• Keep cold-sensitive plants covered.

See the latest forecast from the National Weather Service here.

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