Monday, October 3, 2022

Yes you CAN help!

Here it is, fall and we had a very hot August.  However, maybe it is the recession or some people were a little lax this summer, because I didn’t receive the usual amount of aluminum cans brought to me as usual.

As you may know, I collect cans and sell them and donate the money to our Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department.  I also pull the tabs and sell them. The tab money is given to the Shrine Burn Hospital in Galveston, TX.

There have been times when I received so many bags that I thought I would never get the tabs pulled and the cans crushed. It hasn’t been like that this summer. It really can be relaxing at times to sit under my covered patio and watch the birds, and other local residents, and wave at the police as they drive by while I pull and crush and I really enjoy it. 

However, it is frustrating when I see people who could be helping the DOVFD take the easy route and just put them in their garbage cans and/or recycling tubs.  My email is [email protected] and my address is 45 Kings Road in Double Oak.  Please let me know if I can come and get the cans, however, for those that bring them to me I am very grateful.

Freda Brittain
Double Oak, TX

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