Monday, October 3, 2022

Town adopts ordinance banning K2

The Flower Mound Town Council approved an ordinance September 7th to ban the sale and possession of K2, otherwise known as synthetic marijuana or fake pot.

The ordinance makes the sale or possession of the restricted substance a misdemeanor punishable by fine not to exceed $500.

Sold under the names K2, K-2 Summit, Genie, and Sage, with no age restrictions for purchasers, the product includes a mixture of dried vegetation and chemicals which is smoked to produce a marijuana-like high.

Flower Mound has joined a growing list of other cities across the area, including Highland Village and Lewisville, with the passage of an ordinance banning K2 type substances.

“None of our Flower Mound retailers offer or sell K2 or similar substances, so by adopting this ordinance the Town Council is taking a proactive stance to protect our community from this dangerous substance.” said Captain Wendell Mitchell, police spokesperson. 

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