Sunday, September 25, 2022

New leadership needed, not more taxes

A message has to be sent to Lewisville ISD administration that business as usual is no longer acceptable!

According to Texas Education Agency (TEA) the facts are, in the last four years:

LISD has seen a 3.6% growth in students
LISD has hired 8% new teachers
LISD has allowed a 57% growth in Central Administration
LISD has allowed a 61% growth in Auxiliary employees

The district has yet to build a 9th grade campus for Marcus.  Marcus does have a brand new, multi-million dollar stadium and multi-million dollar field house.  Don’t mind the portable classrooms still being used in the Marcus parking lot!

It is clear that special programs and teachers are not the things that have been growing and given attention.  The attention has been on building unnecessary buildings, stadiums and field houses for all high schools. 

It is time for new leadership for the administration of this school district as well as apparent we need to elect a few more board members that will encourage the administration to focus on education rather than building!

VOTE NO for the tax increase!

Cindy Barnett
Flower Mound, TX

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