Monday, October 3, 2022

Local charity is in it to win It

Three years ago this fall, several Ebby Halliday real estate agents in Flower Mound experienced family or close friends going through difficult times, so they banded together and decided to do something about it. 

They began to appeal to their co-workers to participate through office donations in providing local aid for a couple of the families in need.  After receiving several substantial donations to meet the needs of the hurting families, the Ebby agents realized that there was not only a need for this work to be done in the community, but a need to form a 501c3 organization, Your Home Team Cares (

“We saw that we were creating a positive energy in the community and others wanted to be a part of it,” said founding Board Member Donna Robichaux. 

The Board currently consists of 12 members and now extends beyond the walls of Ebby Halliday, incorporating men and women of the community from all walks of life.  The mission statement, very simply stated is “Providing immediate assistance for our community.” 

Current Board Members are: President – Donna Robichaux, Vice-President – Keith Baxter, Secretary – Michelle Atkins, Treasurer – Mitzy Ferguson, along with Wayne Atkins, Julie Baxter, Nancy Fadrowski, Vanessa Robichaux, Teresa Grawe, Lori Walker, Dee Lemons, and Denton County Commissioner Andy Eads.

YHTC provides one time help for people in temporary crisis.  For instance, following Hurricane Katrina, the Your Home Team Cares volunteers assisted a New Orleans resident who had become displaced and was responsible for raising her grandchildren. 

“We have helped those in a financial crisis make a utilities payment or car note,” said Robichaux. 

For instance, Board Vice-President Keith Baxter attended church with a young lady named Leanne.  She was a single mom who found herself in the awkward predicament of financial ruin following a job loss, but even worse than losing a home or automobile, this woman was faced with the reality of losing custody of her three children.

“I had worked as an artist who was responsible for window displays, but when the economy crashed, jobs like mine were the first to go,” said Leanne. “Though I had already been divorced for four years and had proven the ability to provide for my family, I was faced with losing it all.

“Your Home Team Cares came into my life and filled in all the blanks for me.  First, they began to help me network and find a job.  They provided financial assistance and a year later everything is still intact.  I have my family, a home, a car, and the best job I’ve ever had in my life.”

The volunteer board still provides funding to the organization via donations as well as several major fundraisers annually.  The most widely known YHTC fundraiser has traditionally been held in February.  The original Murder Mystery Dinner, cleverly crafted to include local community events and humor, has raised $9,000 and $10,000, respectively, each year for the organization to distribute to those in need. 

Another major fundraiser will be held at the home of Wayne and Cherri Atkins of Sterling Brook Custom Homes called “In It To Win It” on September 18th at 5:00 p.m.  The event will include games and prize giveaways included in the price of a $15 ticket.  Larger prizes, such as a big screen TV, will also be awarded to the winners of the other games and raffles.

For information on how to volunteer, donate, or apply for aid visit  For additional information or to buy a ticket to the “In It To Win It” event, call Donna Robichaux at 214-564-3701.

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