Sunday, September 25, 2022

Driller reports wastewater spill

Williams Production reported a recent spill of produced water on their Wright pad site in Argyle.

Company officials said that an estimated 20 barrels of produced water overflowed from a temporary tank installed at the site, located at 209 Gibbons Road, between Harpole and Hickory Hill Rd. in Argyle on July 29.

Ten barrels of waste water were recovered, the company said.

A contractor first reported the tank overflow and the company immediately notified the Texas Railroad Commission and the Argyle Fire Marshal.

The spill was largely contained within a protective berm. A small quantity flowed outside the berm, but was contained on the property, and no water sources were reached or impacted, Williams officials said.

An environmental remediation team was immediately called to the site and 10 barrels of produced water was vacuumed and collected. The water remaining in the adjacent soil was contained and the dirt was excavated, removed and disposed of at an approved facility.

Williams officials said that they are working closely with authorities to remediate the part of the site affected by the spill and will subsequently perform tests to verify the effectiveness of the clean-up.

Since the spill was reported in a timely manner, company officials said that they did not expect to have to pay a fine.

The cause of the spill is under investigation.

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