Monday, October 3, 2022

Yogurt shop is story of sweet success

Flower Mound resident and owner of Yogurt Story, Paul Yun, said his businesses name came from the concept of customers using self-serve machines and a topping bar to “make their own yogurt story”.

The new self-serve yogurt shop recently opened its doors in The Highlands of Flower Mound Shopping Center at the southwest corner of FM 407 and FM 2499.

Yun said his store is like a story that begins with a sample cup and ends with someone’s favorite assortment of different flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings in a large cup.

Yogurt Story offers a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors – including New York cheesecake, chocolate, sugar-free blueberry and red velvet – that contain only 90 calories per serving and zero grams of fat. Topping options include 42 choices of nuts, fruits, and candies.

Yun opened his first sweet shop in March 2009 in Denton with the idea for the self-serve frozen yogurt stations. Paying for your creation is as simple as making it. At the checkout your cup is weighed and costs just 35 cents per ounce.

His first location was a big hit, and within a year he began expanding the brand to Roanoke, Addison, and Flower Mound.

“My 11-year-old daughter asked me to open a store closer to our home in Flower Mound so she would have a place to hang out with her friends,” said Yun.

Since opening the new location, Yun has seen a steady increase in customers creating their own taste sensations.

Frozen yogurt is much healthier than ice cream, with only 90 calories per serving and no fat, he said.

“Americans like ice cream, but they feel guilty. Frozen yogurt doesn’t give you that guilt,” said Yun.

Yogurt consumption has increased more than any other food in the last decade, according to NPD Group Market Researcher Harry Balzer. It has a “health halo surrounding it,” and it defines what Americans want from the food supply, he says.

So, head on over and grab a cup. On your first visit, ask for sample cups to try out a few flavors before committing. Then serve yourself your choice of frozen yogurt.

Once the bowl is filled to your heart’s content, continue over to the world of toppings. Fresh fruit options include kiwi, strawberry, banana, mango, mandarin oranges, and more. They also offer another group of toppings that can only be grouped as “everything else” – sprinkles, nuts, Oreos, crumbled candy bars, brownie bits, cereal and gummy bears, among other confections. Then enjoy your own creation.

With a healthier and inexpensive dessert option that allows you to get exactly what you want; Yogurt Story is sure to please almost anyone!

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