Monday, October 3, 2022

Upper Trinity launches conservation trust

The new Upper Trinity Conservation Trust, recently authorized by the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, held its first meeting on June 16, a date that happens to be the 21st anniversary of the founding of Upper Trinity itself. 

According to its Certificate of Formation, the mission of the Conservation Trust is “to help protect water quality in streams and lakes and water resource assets in local watersheds.”

“The Conservation Trust will focus its initial efforts on protecting the watershed above Lewisville Lake, an important source of drinking water for the Denton County area,” said Tom Taylor, Executive Director of Upper Trinity Regional Water District.

“To preserve and protect valuable watershed and riparian assets will cost very little if done in advance – but, will cost a fortune if we wait until it is too late.”

As a key strategy to help protect water quality, the non-profit trust will accept conservation easements from property owners who wish to protect special land features from destruction or development.  Land features such as wooded areas, tree lined creeks, wetlands and meadows help protect downstream water bodies from pollution.

“Dedication of Conservation Easements to the Trust can create tax benefits for the landowner; more importantly, such easements can help safeguard precious specimens of environmental heritage for future generations to enjoy,” said Taylor.

The trust is governed by a nine member Board of Trustees: Bruce Arledge, Janet Aune, Ken Dickson, Don Hill, Jerry Lane, Trent Lewis, Thomas Muir, Linda Williams, and Owen Yost.

Upper Trinity provides water and wastewater services on a wholesale basis to more than 30 cities, towns and utilities, including all of Denton County and portions of Dallas and Collin Counties.

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