Monday, October 3, 2022

Boards approve lighted crosswalk signs

This fall, lights will be flashing along Lantana Trail in an effort to make the area safer for children walking to Blanton Elementary and Harpool Middle School.

During a joint meeting last Thursday, board members from Lantana’s two Fresh Water Supply Districts unanimously gave the go-ahead to purchase two solar-powered pedestrian-activated flashing crossing signs for the intersection of Lantana Trail and Stacee Lane, in time for the beginning of the 2010-11 school year.

The boards also approved two traditional signs warning motorists of the crosswalk, for a total cost of $5,570.  The two districts will split the cost of the signs.

Pedestrians will be able to activate the crosswalk lights via a push button control.

“This solution will not only benefit the growing number of children crossing Lantana Trail daily to and from school, but also help joggers and dog walkers wishing to cross safely at other times of day,” said Max Miller, Vice-President of Fresh Water Supply District #6.

Miller said that the boards initially discussed extending the school zone on Stacee Lane to include the intersection with Lantana Trail, but were advised by the district’s engineering firm that the longer school zone would not comply with established guidelines set forth by TxDOT.

Board members also discussed the status of developing recreational facilities, adding a dedicated Sheriff’s Deputy patrol, and videotaping district board meetings and posting them on a website.  No action was taken on any of those items.

The joint meetings, held quarterly, were instituted earlier this year to better foster communication and collaboration between the two boards.

More information about the Fresh Water Supply Districts is available at

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