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New Leaders Trampling on Citizens’ Rights

At the Monday, June 7, 2010, Town Council Meeting, I got voted off P&Z because of a prayer. That’s right, a PRAYER!! I wish I could point you to the recorded P&Z meeting on the FMTV website, but unfortunately that night I had mild laryngitis and the microphone was not on. I had typed up the words to be sure they were honest, heartfelt and without malice since I was praying in public and to my God.  Here it is:

David Johnson’s Invocation for the Town of Flower Mound Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, May 10, 2010:

“Heavenly Father, grant your blessings and wisdom upon this Town and our newly elected officials.  Help everyone to overcome the division caused by the election issues, so we can return our focus to making Flower Mound a great place to live.  Lord, bless all Town officials with pure hearts and the courage to seek fact-based decisions that benefit the Town of Flower Mound and all its residents. Amen.”

The records on the Town website show that neither the Council or Mayor denied this was the reason for my removal. To be even more brazen, this was done while Councilman Mike Wallace was out of town and not present to vote.

Apparently our new administration does not want divine intervention, wisdom, pure hearts, courage or fact-based decisions. They want to cram their agenda down the throats of this Town to gain power and autonomy, at any cost. Northern/Filidoro/Lyda, “NFL” is running roughshod over the rules, structure and processes that are the fabric of Flower Mound government. Here is the list in just their first month:

• Limiting freedom of speech at the Council Chambers’ podium with new rules.
• Changed responsibilities of the Town Secretary, in violation of the Town Charter.
• Manipulating P&Z boards and commissions so they can control the whole process.
• Voting off two P&Z commissioners without all Council members present, that is a precedent.
• Treading on Constitutional rights for free speech and the separation of church and state by terminating a commissioner’s term over a prayer.

The timing of terminating Brian Webb and me from P&Z is not a coincidental. NFL needs us off P&Z to insure their desire to delete the Centralized Collection Facility (CCF) Special Uses Permit (SUP) off the Town books goes smoothly. If the CCF SUP is gone, what happens to the elements currently covered by the ordinance? For now, Harlan Jefferson, Town Manager, and Town Council have imposed a moratorium on CCFs and new pad sites. However, we should watch closely to see what happens the coming months. The answers will likely be subtle and obscure.

There is a lot going on here, but focus on this one thought: keep your eyes open and be aware that NFL will continue to manipulate the political fiber of this Town to gain and keep power. Gas drilling was only an issue to get them elected. It has always been about gaining more power.

Flower Mound residents need to wake up! Already threatened is your freedom of speech, your right to pray, your Town Charter as well as public hearings and your right to vote on key issues! What is next?

It is time to wake up, Flower Mound, and pay close attention!

David Johnson
Flower Mound, TX

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