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Coach Kelli: Local Trainer Becomes Montel’s Fitness Expert

Kelli Calabrese, coach of Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, was chosen by Montel Williams to be his fitness expert for his show ‘Living Well with Montel’. 

Calabrese flew to New Jersey in December to meet with Montel and filmed two shows with him that can now be seen nationwide on many channels. 

“When I was first invited to work with Montel, I began to research his background,” said Calabrese.  “I am very protective of my reputation and who I work with and I wanted to be sure our philosophies were synergistic.  I quickly found out that Montel was not only an award winning talk show host, but a naval intelligence officer, motivational speaker, philanthropist and that he had been successful battling Multiple Sclerosis for over a decade using the most natural and health promotion methods.  I listened to his living well advice and it was dead on.  I knew it would be a good match.

“When I met Montel, he instantly made me feel comfortable, which made the whole filming experience relaxing and fun.  It was an honor to be on Montel’s panel with other revered experts, including The Skinny Chef, Jennifer Iserloh and Dr. Mike Cirigliano from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  It was also an honor to meet Olympic gymnasts Peter Vidmar and Shannon Miller who were guests of the show.  We filmed two shows in two days and everyone was treated like royalty.”

Calabrese attributes her fitness opportunities not to a PR agent (because she does not have one), but to her genuine passion to help people achieve ultra wellness naturally. 

She has been a fitness professional for 23 years and is one of the most decorated in her industry with three exercise science related degrees and 25 certifications in fitness training, nutrition, lifestyle, weight management, rehabilitation and working with special populations.  Calabrese set out at an early age to help people get fit and it was never her intention to become an author, spokesperson, international speaker, consultant or coach.  Everything she does is an extension of her genuine desire for every person to be well. 

In an industry that is unregulated, where anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, Calabrese set out to make a difference. She leads by example.  For nine years, she ran a school preparing people to become certified fitness professionals.  She has consulted with many of the fitness certifying agencies to raise the bar for personal trainers regarding professionalism and she travels the country speaking to fitness pros about ethical business practices and having a heart to serve your clients. 

Her commitment shows every morning at 5:30 a.m. when she meets a group of ladies who want to be their physical best.  She leads them in an hour of intense exercise and then follows up with a supportive e-mail that focuses on making the best choices for a healthy lifestyle.  She covers important topics that both men and women need to hear about from the importance of sleep and stress management to hydration and detoxification.  Her expectations for everyone’s improvements are high and the results speak for themselves.

Argyle Adventure Boot Camp is the only opportunity to work hands on with Calabrese. She no longer works one on one with clients and the summer women’s camp is about sold out.  The men’s camp is still taking registrations and there is rolling enrollment, meaning that you can begin even though a camp is in progress.

If you have been thinking of getting in shape, Calabrese wants to personally invite you to do something about it now and join Argyle Adventure Boot camp where for over three years, men and women of Denton County are shedding fat, getting off medication, improving endurance, eliminating back pain, fitting into their skinny clothes, taking active vacations and living longer, stronger, youthful more energetic years.

For more information on getting into the best shape of your life at a fraction of the cost of personal training, go to,, [email protected] or call 817-490-1296. 

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