Sunday, September 25, 2022

Life Coach to empower kids

Looking for a fun way for kids to learn that they are in control of their happiness and their future?

Highland Village Life Coach Pat Carnahan is holding several life coaching camps for kids 9 to 14 years old this summer to help them understand that their decisions determine their future.  

Carnahan said that youngsters enrolled in the camp will have fun discovering the power of positive thoughts versus negative thoughts – on themselves and others – and of being grateful for all the things they already have in their lives.

“By coaching kids, rather than ‘teaching’ them, the children are able to discover for themselves the power of taking responsibility for their thoughts, actions, attitudes, how others view them and how they see themselves,” said Carnahan. 

“It helps them to learn to trust themselves to know the right thing to do rather than looking to their friends for the answer.”

The camps are one-and-a-half hours a day for four days, with each day covering a different topic. 

“Because the kids are in small groups, it’s a fun, non-threatening atmosphere,” said Carnahan.

After 20 years in the advertising industry, Carnahan became a Certified Life Coach four years ago and has seen many changes in people’s lives through coaching. 

Most of her clients are women who are interested in making their lives more fulfilling and meaningful through self discovery, weight loss, career change or just reconnecting with themselves and what they love to do.  

After listening to so many mothers discuss the difficulties their kids faced in school, Carnahan came up with the idea of the camps to help build kids self-esteem. 

While kids learn responsibility mostly at home and school, this camp gives them an opportunity to understand why it is so important, and how it directly affects their lives in a positive way, said Carnahan.

Find out more about coaching and the Kids Life Coaching Camp by visiting Carnahan’s website at or calling her at 972-317-2752.

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