Sunday, September 25, 2022

Election Results

Flower Mound voters stormed the polls Saturday with waits of up to two hours to decide a historic election for the town.

Mayorial candidate Melissa Northern, Town Council incumbent Al Filidoro and council newcomer Steve Lyda, all closely aligned against urban gas drilling, defeated three-term Mayor Jody Smith and council candidates Gerald Robinson and Bryan Webb.

Voters also narrowly rejected a proposal to purchase land and build a new soccer complex at Chinn Chapel and Waketon, and sell the existing complex on FM 407.

Lantana residents gave Max Miller and Donna Robichaux second terms on the Fresh Water Supply District #6 board over challenger Beka Weaver, while Andrew Kloser and David Ware defeated incumbent Mike Shaw and Robert Smith in the first election in District #7 since residents moved into the district.

In Copper Canyon, a $2.5 million bond proposal for street and bridge improvements – the first ever for the town – was narrowly approved.

Bartonville voters gave thumbs up to the reauthorization of the one quarter of one percent local sales tax for street maintenance and repair, and the creation of a permanent Crime Control and Prevention District with a sales tax rate of one quarter of one percent. Bartonville now has the maximum state allowed sales tax rate of 8.25%.

It was out with the old and in with the new in the Lewisville ISD, as voters chose newcomers in all three board races.

Jeff Knapp defeated incumbent Tommy Kim in Place 3, Julie Foughty won by a handful of votes in Place 4 over incumbent Kathy Duke, and Brenda Latham edged out incumbent Fred Placke in Place 5.

In contrast, voters in the Denton ISD kept the same faces on the school board.

In Place 3, Dr. Glenna Harris defeated Sheryl English. Dr. Harris has served on the board since 2007 and is currently board secretary.

In Place 5, Charles Stafford topped Calvin Evans. Stafford is past president of the board and has served since 2004. He also served from 1988 to 1994. Evans served on Place 5 of the board from 1995 to 2004.

Mia Price was unopposed in Place 4 and was declared an elected trustee. She has served on the board since 2001.
Here are the results from Saturday’s municipal and school district elections:

Bartonville Town Council Votes Percent Winner
Gracie Egan 61 33% X
James N. Farrell 68 36% X
Ryan Litherland (I) 59 31%  
Bartonville – Prop 1 Votes Percent Winner
For  102 82% X
Against  23 18%  
Bartonville – Prop 2 Votes Percent Winner
For  73 59% X
Against  51 41%  
Copper Canyon Town Council Votes Percent Winner
Dave Svatik 190 28% X
Steven Hill (I) 223 33% X
Daniel L. Christy (I) 190 28% X
Reid Rossman 69 10%  
Copper Canyon – Prop 1 Votes Percent Winner
For  192 56% X
Against  148 44%  
Denton ISD Trustee – Place 3 Votes Percent Winner
Glenna G. Harris (I) 1,873 60% X
Sheryl English 1,247 40%  
Denton ISD Trustee – Place 5 Votes Percent Winner
Charles Stafford (I) 1,959 64% X
Calvin D. Evans 1,090 36%  
Flower Mound Mayor Votes Percent Winner
Melissa Northern 4,928 59% X
Jody A. Smith (I) 3,383 41%  
Flower Mound Town Council – Place 2 Votes Percent Winner
Gerald Robinson 3,328 41%  
Al Filidoro (I) 4,864 59% X
Flower Mound Town Council – Place 4 Votes Percent Winner
Steve Lyda 5,016 61% X
Bryan Webb 3,166 39%  
Flower Mound – Prop 1 Votes Percent Winner
For  3
Against  3,889 50.4% X
Lantana FWSD No. 6 Votes Percent Winner
Beka Weaver  73 19%  
Donna Robichaux (I) 147 39% X
Max Miller (I) 159 42% X
Lantana FWSD No. 7 Votes Percent Winner
Robert Smith 20 20%  
Mike Shaw (I) 9 9%  
Andrew W. Kloser 37 37% X
David J. Ware 34 34% X
Lewisville ISD – Place 3 Votes Percent Winner
Mike McDaniel 3,437 29%  
Tommy Kim (I) 3,973 34%  
Jeff Knapp 4,255 36% X
Lewisville ISD – Place 4 Votes Percent Winner
Kathy Duke (I) 4,493 39%  
Ryan Collinsworth 2,433 21%  
Julie Foughty 4,616 40% X
Lewisville ISD – Place 5 Votes Percent Winner
Fred Placke (I) 4,695 40%  
Brenda Latham 5,507 47% X

Patrick Kelly

1,458 13%  


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