Saturday, November 26, 2022

Likes Knapp, Latham and Foughty

Here is what I want in a Trustee to LISD Board of Directors:

1.      Enough common sense to know that even if you build with bond money, you have to have regular budget money to hire staff, pay utilities and to have debt service money after the construction is complete.  NONE of the incumbents seem to understand this and they blindly go ahead with multi-million dollar athletic complex construction projects then have the nerve to come ask for a tax increase.  What gall!

2.      Ears that hear.  It is one thing to say you seek public input.  It is quite another to actually do it and the current Board has NOT sought public input.   When it has been given, they have routinely ignored it.

3.      “I don’t know” is usually a comment made by opposition candidates, because they don’t have the access to information which is readily available to incumbents.  However, in the forums I’ve attended I was amazed at how often it was the incumbents who were saying, “I don’t know.”  Indeed, the place 5 incumbent, Mr. Placke, did not know that some material handed out came from page 32 of the LISD Guide Book.  He even accused his opposition of making up the information.  So, I want a replacement with someone who does their homework and DOES know the facts.

4.      Someone who has been successful in their own business and would bring those successful business practices to the Board. 

The incumbents do not qualify.  They are arrogant and refuse to listen to the people who are paying the bill.  They fail to comply with the “Open Meeting Law” (April 27,2010) They deserve to be replaced.  I would recommend to you that Jeff Knap, Brenda Latham and Julie Foughty appear to be better qualified for the job.

Linda Moody

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