Thursday, December 1, 2022

Campaign filings don't add up

I am writing to ask your help in letting voters know who is funding the elections for the offices of Mayor and Town Council in Flower Mound. 

I have viewed the Campaign Filings for various candidates and note the following:

Candidate Bryan Webb running for Place Four has filed two statements.  Neither properly add to reflect the detail of campaign donations of over $50.  In addition only 13 of over 60,000 residents of Flower Mound have chosen to donate over $50 to his campaign.  But one very important resident has contributed 63% of reported donations, Mayor Jody Smith.  In addition 19% of other donations came from PACs or individuals not located in Flower Mound. 

Candidate Gerald Robinson running for Place Two received donations of $50 from only 11 Flower Mound residents, Mr. Robinson himself did not contribute to his own campaign.  Mayor Smith’s donations represent 74% of his total in donations of over $50.

Mayor Smith’s filings have some deficiencies in noting the origin of most of her donations.  She notes receiving $9775 but spent over $33,000.  No required disclosure of the source of this deficiency was made.

Much of what Mayor Smith received was then donated to the Webb and Robinson campaign.  So knowing the source of the money would be very instructive.

The candidates they oppose have filings that disclose numerous sources of donations in excess of $50.

Ms. Northern’s, Mr. Filidoro’s and Mr. Lyda’s filings each note in excess of two dozen residents, none of which is the mayor, and no one person or group represents as nearly a significant percentage of their total donations as the Robinson and Webb campaigns.

Please help let the voters of Flower Mound realize these facts as they make voting decisions.  Many will not be aware this data is publicly available at the Town of Flower Mound website.

R. Jeffrey Whittaker
Flower Mound, TX

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