Monday, October 3, 2022

School change concerns voter

I am writing this letter in concern for mayoral candidate Mrs. Northern.  I really hate dirty politics but unfortunately it always seems to happen.  But what I really hate is when you change your children’s schools for votes.

Mrs. Northern daughter was enrolled at Liberty Christian in Argyle as of March 2010 and then was moved to Liberty Elementary in Flower Mound in March.  I really find this interesting since near Liberty Elementary is a drilling site which she has been a proponent against from the start of her campaign.  So the only other reasons for moving could be financial, which could not be true or she would not have entered into a campaign without funds.  The other reason would be if you had become an atheist and I really doubt this is the case, so my only conclusion would be is that it was merely for votes.  This is wrong and breaks my heart for her daughter having to move midstream and make new friends halfway through the school year.

Liberty Christian is a very good school as well as Liberty Elementary which is an exemplary school.  My kids have gone there since it opened so why wouldn’t Mrs. Northern have just enrolled her daughter from the start instead of moving her mid semester during an election!

Vote for the true leadership for Flower Mound, Jody Smith, Gerald Robinson, and Bryan Webb.

Angie Cox
Flower Mound, TX

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