Sunday, October 2, 2022

Elect Mayor and council that will represent citizens

I am writing in support of Melissa Northern, Al Filidoro and Steve Lyda.  I have NEVER heard any of these candidates state that they are going to stop the gas drilling!  They just want it done safely for ALL citizens of Flower Mound.   Let me make this clear, I am not a Marxist, Socialist or an Extreme Liberal Activist.  I am a citizen of this town and a Mother and I have every right to want to protect my home and family.  That doesn’t make me all the horrible names that people who have their mineral rights like to call me.   Contrary to what they think, I believe in natural gas drilling and understand it is a clean burning fuel.  However, there are safer ways to do this.  The Drilling Companies can recycle their waste water.  Isn’t water also a precious resource?  Aren’t we all subject to water rationing?  It has been proven there are toxins involved in the drilling process.  Look at Dish, TX, Pennsylvania and Wyoming.  Are all these people wrong?   Land owners have the right to do want they want on their land, however, they should respect our property rights as well.  If the current mayor & council would have just stuck with the ordinances that are in place rather than making constant variances, this wouldn’t even be an issue. As far as the cancer study, yes leukemia wasn’t found, but breast cancer is higher than normal in this area.   Isn’t it better to drill safer when and where your loved ones are concerned?    Therefore I am voting for the NFL because they have ALL citizens’ best interest at hand, not just the Drilling Companies and they don’t have any conflict of interest unlike Smith , Webb and Robinson who have signed lease agreements.   It is like the Washington Lobbyist have come to Flower Mound and greed has clouded a lot of people’s judgment.  I don’t want any candidates that ANY big business is supporting.  I have seen the letter written on behalf of Smith, Webb and Robinson by oil & gas companies. What does that tell you?   I would rather have a Town Mayor and Council that represent the citizens! Therefore Melissa Northern, Al Filidoro and Steve Lyda are the answers for Flower Mound!

Kathi Skinner
Flower Mound, TX

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