Friday, December 2, 2022

No substitute for experience

There is no substitute for meaningful experience.  No amount of billboard advertising, radio and television commercials, mail pieces, endorsements or money spent on the campaign trail can substitute for real experience.

Bonnie Robison is a board certified Probate and Estate Planning attorney and a certified public accountant.  These certifications aren’t just handed out to anyone.  She is a 30 year attorney who from time to time has served as court appointee in a variety of hotly contested probate and trust cases, usually at the request of the parties.  Why do the parties ask her to serve?  The answer is ability and experience.  Was she paid for those services?  Of course, just like anyone else who does their job well; but by the private parties who sought her appointment in the first place, not the County’s nickel as has been implied.

Folks, the “potential” conflict between District and Probate Court judges is a myth.  Unlike District Court judges who can sit for each other’s cases, the Probate Court is a stand-alone Court for which only other statutory probate court judges can sit, and only then by special assignment.  There is no appellate or advisory review between these Courts, and any implication that there is “big brother” influence or oversight between these Courts is wrong.

At his request, we each personally met with Mr. Ramirez.  He asked each of us for our support.  We support the most qualified, experienced candidate, Bonnie Robison.

Richard H. Kelsey
John E. Kelsey
Scott W. Hickey
Denton, TX

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