Saturday, November 26, 2022

Probate Court Judge choice is important decision

I want to tell you what the probate court of Denton County has done for me. It locked me out of the house I was growing up in before selling it. It took away all my childhood toys and all my clothes. It tried to put me, when I was a 14-year-old girl, in a foster home with six 17-year-old boys, and it refused to pay my medical bills.

This all occurred while attorneys that were assigned by the court to look out for me were billing my late dad’s estate over $300,000. I have had to watch my mother struggle through the years, many nights crying because of what this court has done to us. At a time when what was left of our family needed honest help, we were let down by everyone involved in this case. One of the attorneys in the case, the attorney who was appointed to look after me was Bonnie Robison. She is now running to be the judge of the same court that at one point in time put me out on the streets. I have to this day still never met Mrs. Robison, despite the fact that she billed my Mom for upwards of $75,000 to look after my interests.  The Denton County Probate Court took everything my family had and sold it, they have never accounted for most of it to us, and they billed us for doing all of it. If you don’t want your estate to get a bill for destroying your kid’s lives, you will want to pay close attention to who you vote for as Judge of the Probate Court.

Kristina Page
Haslet, TX

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