Friday, December 2, 2022

Ramirez, the true conservative Republican

It has come to my attention that Bonnie Robison has been arbitrarily inferring that people should ask Robert Ramirez “where does he get all this money to run his campaign?”  I believe the answer is hard work and savings. 

The better question might be “where has Robison gotten her money to run 2 judicial campaigns in the last 2 years?”  Records indicate Robison’s husband just spent over $125,000 in his campaign; has Robison spent as much or more?   One answer may be found in an article published in the Dallas Morning News in 2005 showing that Robison was given over half a million dollars in fees from Court appointments in the Denton Probate Court. 

Additionally, I am troubled by a number of things I found about Robison:

  • It appears her focus has been being a CPA doing IRS tax work over the last five years, not practicing probate law.  
  • Court records indicate that over the last four years, she has only been the attorney of record in four simple cases. Is that experience?  
  • Robison has been publicly endorsed by Richard Kelsey, a local well known Democrat. Ramirez has been endorsed by our own chief elected official of Denton County, Judge Mary Horn, a true leader who has led our community to growth and prosperity over the last decade, even during these troubled times.  Seeing what the Democrats did this weekend and ignoring the pleas of the American people – do we want that here in Denton County?

Folks, your family and your loved ones deserve honest, experienced, transparent, and ethical judicial conduct, period. Vote Robert Ramirez as county probate judge to meet that standard.

Chuck Bahr
Flower Mound, TX

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