Monday, October 3, 2022

Frac fluid spill reported in Flower Mound

The Town of Flower Mound received notification of a flowback water spill at approximately 10:00 a.m. Wednesday at the Cummings C-West gas well pad site, located east of Red Rock, south of Hawk, and north of FM 1171.

Town officials said that the report indicated that Williams Production was conducting flowback activities to initiate gas production when the spill occurred.

The operator estimated that approximately 80 barrels – or 3,000 gallons – of flowback water containing fracturing fluid and associated additives leaked over the gravel pad site but did not breach the mulch berm. A tank valve is the suspected cause of the leak.

“When I arrived at the scene the vacuum truck was cleaning up and later the dirt was being dumped and moved around the area,” said Tammi Vajda, a local blogger who runs the Flower Mound Citizens Against Urban Drilling website.

Town staff members were on site Wednesday and the Texas Railroad Commission was notified and will be inspecting the site, said Michael Ryan, Director of Community Affairs.

Sampling and remediation of the spill will most likely fall under the supervision of the Texas Railroad Commission, but the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has been notified as well.

The incident did not meet Town of Flower Mound Hazardous Material Team response levels, according to Ryan.

Neither the Town nor the Texas Railroad Commission has documentation regarding previous spills in Flower Mound, he added.

Ryan said that Flower Mound officials are gathering all of the facts and are awaiting a report from the operator, the Texas Railroad Commission, and the clean-up company.

A determination if fines will be warranted will be made once the town receives that information. Fines could also be levied by the Railroad Commission.  

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