Sunday, September 25, 2022

Egregious concerns or conflicts of interest

There is an elephant in the room, and Bonnie Robison, a candidate for Denton County Probate Court Judge, should address it.

I haven’t heard her make a case for how a husband and wife team presiding over the two most powerful courts in our county wouldn’t present egregious concerns or conflicts of interest.

While it’s not technically unethical and we hope they wouldn’t intentionally leverage their joint power to influence or intimidate, why would anyone place themselves and the integrity of our courts in such a questionable position?

Shouldn’t the courts and those presiding over them seek to be, as much as possible, beyond reproach?

Lawyers being afraid to publicly voice these concerns for fear of retribution in one of these courts raise red flags.

If she wants a turn at being judge, fine, but do they both have to rule at the same time?

I respect probate attorney and candidate Robert Ramirez for keeping his campaign positive and focused on his qualifications and experience in this field, but shouldn’t someone get her to completely disclose and openly address this glaring issue?

Isn’t it justice for the April 13 voters to get all the information needed to decide which candidate brings the least liabilities and most qualifications to office?

Tim Mangrum
Denton, TX

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