Sunday, September 25, 2022

Supports Filidoro, Lyda and Northern

It is that time of year again and a very important election is upon us.

As many of you know, last June, the Flower Mound Town Council voted to approve the expansion of Morriss Rd. In that historic meeting, councilmember Al Filidoro was instrumental in teaming with councilmember Tom Hayden, a fervent supporter of our need to stop the road project all together. Al came to us and asked what we wanted and what could the residents along Morriss Rd live with.

Bjorn, Scott Cleland and myself, told them the project had to be split up into at least 2 phases and possibly 3, leaving the final piece of the plan, the portion between 3040 and 1171 until the actual need for the road came to be.  Basically we asked to stall the project as long as we could.  We had to work very hard to convince Steve Dixon and Jean Levenick that this compromise was in the best interest of the town, fell within Steve Dixon’s campaign promises and would allow Tom Hayden, who pledged in his campaign to NEVER vote yes for any Morriss Rd project to abstain his vote.

If Al Filidoro had not convinced Steve and Jean to join his vote, we would be right now months away from the ENTIRE 6.6 mile project from beginning tip to tail. The compromise called for work not to begin before 2014 and then be based on need, traffic surveys and funding still available. We will see some construction starting soon, but it will be improved intersections, 2 new traffic signals, new fencing, safety enhancements that we insisted on from Day 1.
I urge all of you to support the re-election of Al Filidoro to town council, the election of our friend and supporter, Steve Lyda to town council and the election of Melissa Northern as the next Mayor of Flower Mound. They, along with our current councilman, Tom Hayden will give the town back to it’s residents and most important asset, its people.

Kim A Berg
Flower Mound

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