Sunday, October 2, 2022

Pastor's Place – Share the Bread of Life

Ed Fairburn, my late father-in-law, loved to feed the ducks at the local park in Georgetown, Texas where he lived. When our family would visit him, he would insist we take a trip with him down to the city park. When the ducks saw Ed, they would run to receive the bread we had picked up at the “Day Old Bread Store.” It was amazing how they would gather around him. He was a frequent visitor to the park and the ducks trusted and loved him.

On one occasion, I noticed a family trying in vain to feed the ducks. The ducks carefully would make their way just close enough to grab a morsel and then run back to the water. “Who are these persons?” They must have asked. “Can we trust them?”

So it is in the church. Hunger is rampant in our world. Some are hungry in their bodies, while others are hungry in their souls. We see them come to church to worship, to study, or participate in some activity. They sometimes stand at the back or mingle around the edge. They surely ask themselves, “Who are these Christians?” “Can I trust them?”

They are counting on our Bread. The Bread of Life is Jesus. It will be easy for them to get lost in the shuffle of our ministry. I believe that Christ is calling us to help them feel at ease, receptive, and open. Let us save the best parking spaces, the best seats, and the most honored places for those who need to feel the love of Christ. Let us go out of our way to notice them and reach out to them in friendship that they might trust us. Let us do all we can to share with them the Bread of Life. They are counting on our Bread – this bread called Jesus.

I dream about the day when people, like the ducks around dear Ed, will flock to receive our offering of the Bread of Life. Who knows, that day may be today or this coming Sunday. Watch with me and let us find that new friend that has a hunger in their soul.

Invite someone to worship! Studies show half of those we ask will say YES!

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