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Coach Kelli – Busting Out of a Rut

Tony White on His Journey to Ultra Health

This is the time of year when most people need a Resolution Rescue.  February is when the New Year’s goals are already long forgotten – but not for Tony, Brad and Pat.  All three are 5 pounds less in the first 4 weeks of the year and on their way to a new and fitter body.  Read and celebrate Tony’s journey back to his slim self in his own words:

While attending my parent’s 50th anniversary, my two brothers jumped on the opportunity to draw attention to my weight gain.  After 35 years with a slim build, my now larger size was especially noticeable to them.  Their comments and friendly but persistent literal pokes to my mid-section made an impact.  My loving wife had been hinting about my size for quite some time, but my brothers taunting influenced me to do something about it.

Up until that point I was really good at imagining myself as I was in high school and college even though I had gained 50 pounds and would be out of breath if I climbed the stairs too fast!  I would also get dizzy when I stood up.  I had accepted my declining health and weight gain as normal. .

With the decision made to get fit, I just wasn’t sure how I would do it.  I knew another health club membership wouldn’t work for me. Then I found Argyle Adventure Boot Camp.  Having a set time to work out and a coach that expects me to be there every day was exactly what I needed.  I signed up.

The hardest part was waking up in the morning, but by the second week I was used to it.  By the third week, I could feel the difference in my endurance and my pants were already getting looser by the 4th week.  Coming home and seeing the “skinny” pants in my closet and knowing I would wear them again was motivation.  I suspect most guys hope they will get back into shape some day. For me, that some day is rapidly approaching instead of a distant and fleeting reality.

Since last October (on my 47th birthday) its been nice going from my tight 38″ pants to 34’s and now I am looking forward to shopping for 32’s next month! It’s a great feeling!

Coach Brad commented, “Regardless of if he is up in front or trailing behind, Tony is always smiling. He is committed to success and there is no doubt he will reach each of his personal goals.”

To all of the men and women out there, I want to shout ‘Just Do It!’  I am sure you have ideas in your head about what boot camp is about.  Don’t be intimidated thinking you’ll be the least fit person in the class.  The others will respect you for being there and doing something about your health.  They’ll encourage you and you’ll actually ENJOY the workout. You will feel better than you have in a long time.

I’m the slowest one in the group. These young guys are usually finishing up as I’m just finding my groove but its feels great… and someone always has to be last.  I’m okay with that!  Now Stuart, the other mature guy with more gray hair then me, is another story.  He smokes EVERYONE in the class, no matter what we’re doing.  One day last month he got distracted in the middle of an exercise by talking to the coach.  I saw and opportunity and took it!  Finishing ahead of him made for a really good day!

As I write this, with three camps under my belt and 4 weeks into the New Year, I can honestly say I have had more energy and endurance from the start.  I’m down several clothes sizes, 18 pounds in total and am more conscious of what I eat and drink.  My wife is extremely supportive and an awesome cook.  She helps in so many ways but especially with good nutrition and proper portion sizes.  I also drink a lot of Kangen water as its alkalinity helps me recover quickly after a strenuous workout.

Since Brad, Pat and I decided to take on this weight loss challenge beginning Jan 4th, a friendly competition has emerged among us to see who loses the most weight.  So far we have each lost 5 pounds.  There is always “clean” trash talk and banter among the guys.  Ultimately one of us will be getting a free dinner courtesy of our fellow campers and more importantly the bragging rights.  Now is the perfect time to join in fellowship with some average Joe’s who want to look and feel their best.

The women’s and men’s camps meet outdoors (with an indoor option) at Cross Timbers Community Church / Liberty Christian School on Hwy 377 in Argyle, Monday – Friday from 5:30 – 6:30 am.  The support you receive and the genuine care from the coaches keeps you encouraged to continue showing up and doing your best to make positive changes for you and your family.

With two young boys, I intend to keep this up for a lifetime so that I can keep up with them.  Won’t you join us?  To register, go to or [email protected] or call 817-490-1296.   Check back next month for Brad and Pat’s updates.

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