Thursday, December 8, 2022

Primary voting locations changed

Denton County Republican voters should double check where their polling location is for Tuesday’s Primary Election, according to Avie Raburn and Sharon Vaughan, Primary administrators for the Denton County Republican Party.

Due to various reasons, many polling sites have been changed, including some that had been used for a number of years.

The number of voting sites has been increased in order to accommodate a growing number of voters, and some precincts have been re-assigned to relieve congestion at a number of locations. So no one should assume that they will vote at the same location as the 2008 Primary, the Administrators caution.

One big change locally is that voters in Precinct 419, which includes Lantana and Copper Canyon, will vote at Bartonville Town Center instead of Copper Canyon Town Hall on Tuesday.

Click here for a list of the Republican polling sites by precinct for Tuesday’s primary.

City and school district elections often are held at different locations than the partisan elections, according to DCRP Chairman Dianne Edmondson, who notes that even the General Election has many different voting sites for precincts than the Primary does. “But there is really no way always to have the same voting location for each of those elections, due to the jurisdictions involved and the number of voters expected,” she explains.

“We know it’s frustrating for the voters to have to go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ for their polling sites,” Chairman Edmondson says, “so we are trying every way we can to get the word out to check your precinct’s site before you head out to vote on Election Day!”

The polls will be open Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Voters must vote at their designated precinct on Election Day, which can be found on their voter identification card or online here.

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