Sunday, December 4, 2022

Brent Bowen is better candidate

I have attended several political forums and received mailers from Paul Johnson. I must say his ranting and raving about how many hundreds of felony cases he has tried makes me want to add stilts to my already chin deep waders.  I guess he doesn’t remember why the previous administration let him go.  It was because he was not trying cases and pleading them too cheap.  His nickname was “2D Paul” which means he gave better plea bargains that you could ever get a Canton’s First Monday.  But that is not all that makes you want to ask: “How deep is the water momma?”  He proclaims to have collected $3,359,600.00 in bond forfeitures since taking office, an 80% increase.  I made and open records request from the auditor’s office and guess what!  Put your waders on because he has only collected $2,072,478.49 a negative 22.5% from what the previous administration collected.  OH! And, about trying cases; he promised to try 20 cases a year when he took office- never happened.  He stated at one forum that he almost tried one case.  Yes, that right, ALMOST, but never did.  You won’t need waders with Brent Bowen.  He doesn’t inflate or make promises he can’t keep.

Dennis Cox

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