Sunday, December 4, 2022

Carved in Stone

When was the last time you saw love expressed in a carving on a tree?

Flower Mound artist Clayton Bell needed an inspiration to show off a six-foot tall stone fountain he made, so he is seeking the help of about 400 lovebirds who will carve their messages into his creation.

“There was something missing and I never could show the piece,” said Bell.

“The day before my wife, Erika, and I were to be married, I carved our initials on a maple tree in the backyard of our soon to be first home in Carrollton.  Well, the tree died, but it wasn’t because our love died, it was because I killed the tree because I loved my wife so deeply.”

Bell said that each person will be allowed four square inches of space to express their feelings, and the carving will be done using a dental tool. 

The fountain is located in the Cross Timbers Art Gallery in The Shops of Highland Village, next to James Avery jewelers.

If the art piece is completely covered with love by February 10, Bell will show it at the 22nd Annual “Art is in the Heart Festival” in Coconut Grove, Florida from February 13-15.

Contact Clayton Bell with questions at 682-237-8888.

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