Sunday, December 4, 2022

Town Needs to Address Leukemia Outbreak

Are you aware that four (maybe more) children have Leukemia in a few blocks area in Flower Mound?

Although we should not single out one environmental disease but rather see it as a red flag and something we act now upon. We, the citizens are taking a serious concern of the environment we all live and breathe in.

A focused meeting about health should be held for the neighbors city officials. We want environmental testing of soil and water by an independent testing company by us, the neighbors. Drilling is surely a concern but not the only one. Our concern is total environmental pollution and their possible roots.

In the past, the official answer from the city about environmental questions have been, “acceptable levels according to government numbers.” The neighbors all agree we want to unite and not be subjected to the divide and conquer tactics that prevail, ie, arguing over to drill or not to drill, to spray for mosquitoes with poisons that are carcinogenic, money vs. health.

We would appreciate support of local officials to join with the community that you represent. We would like the results of soil and water tests available for us and published.  We would also appreciate financial support from the city to cover the expense of our environmental testing from one or more private, unbiased independent labs where we can see the results and compare them to the city studies.

The neighbors are positive we could have newspaper coverage over our concerns of environmental pollution due to the recent clump of Leukemia outbreaks. The EMF pollution should be tested as well from cell towers and electrical lines. Please let us know if this has been done by the city, particularly since these children have come down with Leukemia.  An independent study should be done by the neighbors as well to compare with the figures with the city if you have done any research.

Kiki Curry
Flower Mound, TX

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