Sunday, September 24, 2023

Bring on the Scanners!

I’m going to jump in here because of some of the fuss generated concerning the new flight pre-boarding inspections.  Just a note here about my qualifications to speak on the subject:  Even though I don’t fly as often as I once did, I set off the scanner alarms every time I go through them.  Both of my knees have been replaced with metal versions, so unless the scanner is unplugged, it goes off when I walk through.  That initiates a full blown search.

There I am – no shoes and no belt.  I get ‘wanded’ and patted down.  Georgette takes charge of the carry-on stuff while all of this goes down.  We’re used to it and we’re ready for it.  I get to meet a new TSA employee every time I go through.  But I do not complain!  I want the flight to be uneventful.  I want to arrive in one piece.  The latest yahoo that tried to blow up a plane had explosives sewn into his underwear in order to avoid detection.  I’ve read that our latest body scanners would have detected the explosives.

Why weren’t they being used?  There were complaints about privacy!  I simply don’t understand that.  A scanner would likely make my trip through security a whole lot simpler and quicker and I’d also have the peace of mind to know that my fellow passengers have no prohibited substances that will blow up my nice airplane.

Being confined to my seat for an hour before landing solves nothing.  All the pat- downs and wanding being replaced by a sensitive body scanner should do the trick. Flying is not mandatory.  Remember all the coast-to-coast trips John Madden took because he didn’t like to fly?

I say, “Install the scanners!”  Get over it!  If you can’t get over it, drive or take a train or ship. 

Dick Cook
Double Oak, TX

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