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Kroger closing Highland Village store

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Kroger at Highland Village Town Center.
Kroger at Highland Village Town Center.

Kroger’s corporate office notified city officials that the Highland Village Kroger store will be closing in mid-November.

Kroger has been located in Highland Village Town Center at the northeast corner of Highland Village Road and FM 407 since 2001. (Map)

A spokesperson from Kroger said they have worked in the past few years to improve the store with various upgrades, products and talent. However, despite their best efforts, they were unable to improve profitability.

There are three Kroger stores located less than five miles away and the approximate 80 employees of the store have been offered jobs at these and other Kroger stores in the area.

The store will continue to operate until its closing on Nov. 18. Kroger will sell down the inventory and provide deeply discounted products to customers and employees.

“I shopped at the Highland Village Kroger on a regular basis and I am saddened to see it leave Highland Village,” said Mayor Charlotte Wilcox. “City staff will work diligently with the owners of the Highland Village Town Center and their leasing company on potential tenants for the center.”

Kroger will release additional information regarding placement of pharmacy accounts and recurring prescriptions.

Kroger leased the 61,374 sq. ft. space from New York-based Brixmor Property Group.

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  • Obama’saracist

    Commodity price collapse in wheat corn, milk eggs is compressing profit margins. Kroger has a multi billion dollar pension liability. this is just added the over 1,000 supermarkets that have closed or gone bankrupt since last year alone when Superfresh went under on the East coast. This is called a economic collapse

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