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State lawmakers respond to calls for help with Frontier

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fiber optic cableState Rep. Tan Parker and Texas Senator Jane Nelson have responded to requests for help from local officials in resolving issues with Frontier Communications since they took over Verizon FiOS service in Texas on April 1.

State Representative Tan Parker’s letter:

In response to recent complaints from residents and local officials regarding problems associated with telecommunication services provided by Frontier Communications in Denton County, I want to assure each citizen of House District 63 that my office has been in constant contact with Frontier Communications to assist those affected by service outages. In speaking with Frontier officials, I have been assured that they will resolve the current technical issues through providing additional staff to the area and more clearly communicating updates to consumers.

My office will remain fully engaged in monitoring the situation and continue working closely with local municipalities as well as Denton County offices. As we work to aggressively pursue resolution to these service issues, Frontier has provided the following contact information for residents and businesses to utilize as well:

  • Consumers: Call (800) 921-8101 for customer service or visit and select “Click to Chat”
  • Businesses: Call (800) 921-8102 for customer service


jane nelson frontier letter to double oak

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1 Comment

  1. WeirOnlyHuman

    This is how our system of government was intended to work. Voters elect people to represent them and fight for them when they’re up against an entity too big to fight all alone. When large numbers of subscribers are paying hefty charges for services that no longer meet the agreed upon standards it can become a frustrating struggle to get any attention or respect from the myriad voices at call centers, or to deal with the excuses while continuing to pay those monthly fees. The good news is that we have proactive reps in our orbit and they respond to our concerns without putting us through a tangled web of bureaucratic buck-passing. I applaud all the local elected officials for listening to and heeding the justified complaints from their constituents and responding accordingly. In addition, as soon as our state reps were apprised of the ongoing situation they went into action quickly, adding their collective influence to assure area residents that they have their backs. We’re fortunate indeed to have elected officials who actually pay attention to the needs of their community.

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