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Outsource your human resource needs to Bhr Consulting

Longtime Flower Mound resident Traci Bowen was taking time away from her 26-year career as an accomplished human resources executive to be with family when a former colleague and friend in Colorado reached out through a random LinkedIn message with a dilemma: their head of HR was leaving in two weeks, and they needed a replacement fast.

Naturally, their wish was for Bowen to move back there full-time. But Bowen suggested an attractive alternative.

“She was a friend, and I wanted to help. So while I didn’t want to move to Denver, I told her that I could step in and help [in the interim],” Bowen said. “So that’s what I did — I stepped in on a contract basis, helped find a new head of HR, and kept that department rolling. It was then that I realized, ‘Hey, I really like this.’ I ended up working with them for a year, and along the way, I was also picking up assignments from other businesses through word of mouth.”

Four years later, Bowen has a thriving HR consulting company called Bhr Consulting that has changed how organizations of all sizes tackle their unique human resource needs. Perhaps you need an employee handbook or someone to oversee onboarding and training. Maybe you lost key personnel in your HR department and need temporary help. Or, you can’t afford an HR department of your own but could benefit from having access to someone who can answer questions and resolve issues.

Bhr Consulting offers on-demand access to the HR services you need most and the tools and insights necessary to meet any challenges in today’s ever-shifting business world. And at the heart of it is Bowen, an accomplished and seasoned leader who brings a strategic and methodical approach to developing and scaling the HR function.

“I’ve worked with healthcare organizations, tech businesses, startups, public and private companies, and more — so there isn’t just one type of business I work with,” Bowen said. “And it never gets boring because their needs are constantly changing.”

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