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Searching for the right painter? Look no further than Spray Tex Painting

Travis Bond and the team at Spray Tex Painting don’t have to be in a customer’s home for very long to get a sense of what they desperately want from their new painting project. Beyond picking colors and determining what makes the most sense for their budget and needs, homeowners desperately crave honesty from their painter of choice and that everything will be done right the first time.

After all, maybe they tried to paint on their own but now see it as an insurmountable chore to tackle alone. Or, they previously put their faith in other painting companies and weren’t satisfied with the customer service, cheap materials, and quality of work.

“It can be nerve-racking trying to find the right company, and plenty of competition exists. But I’d argue that because so many do it at a lesser level, it helps us stand out,” Bond said. “We don’t look at all paint jobs the same. We are there to determine and identify needs and offer recommendations based on our experience without dictating to the customer what we think they need. It’s a pretty in-depth interview process for them and us as well.

“It is about providing an extremely high level of service. I know people like to say that, but we are passionate about walking the walk.”

To hear Bond talk proudly about Spray Tex and its commitment to tackling every interior or exterior painting project the right way, you’d think he owns the company. But truth be told, he joined them just over two years ago as a sales manager — though he says he didn’t think twice about leaving behind a successful career to do it. The masterminds behind it all are Mason Marquis and Josh Angeli — two former UNT students who decided that working for someone else wasn’t in their DNA while they were in college.

The residential and commercial painting industry was booming, but they recognized a need that consistently wasn’t being met. And they knew they could do it better by placing the customer experience front and center, hiring the best professional painters, and offering services at attractive prices. On top of that, they created a culture where employees are equally as invested in people and their craft.

The company just celebrated its sixth birthday.

“They had no background in painting, but they were forward-thinking and committed to doing things the right way,” Bond said. “I remember working with them, and I was impressed with how they went about things so much that I came on board. In five years, they’ve gone from a small startup to being a recognizable and sought-after painting company.”

Regarding services, there isn’t anything Spray Tex can’t do inside or outside a property. They offer residential and light commercial painting services, including wood and metal siding painting, doors, brick and masonry coating, deck and fence staining, kitchen cabinets, and more.

They stand behind all their work and don’t consider a job complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.

“We’ll do just about anything to exceed customer expectations,” Bond said. “We have dedicated service advisors, and our production department has project coordinators and project supervisors. Then there are crews, and we have about 20 of those right now. This means we have multiple layers of experienced professionals for our customers to communicate with. The average paint company has anywhere from six months to one year on their warranties. We have five years for exterior and 10 years for interior, and that’s because we take the time to work hard and provide a high-end service for everyone we work with.”

Spray Tex has two locations in Denton and Plano, and their team consists of individuals who live in the same communities they serve. For example, Bond and his wife Paula have lived in Denton County since 1999.

Knowing that you’re working with a locally-owned and operated painting service is a breath of fresh air

And your home will look even better as a result.

“This is probably the best company I’ve ever worked for,” Bond said. “Transparency and integrity are the two most important words in everything we do here. And that means something — to us and our customers.”


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