Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘Tanks a Lot’

“Hot bath for one cent.” Something out of a black and white cowboy movie? It’s an ad in 1901 for the Humphrey “Crescent” Instantaneous Water Heater. It made cold water hot in unlimited quantities the moment the match was applied to the burner, and it ran on gasoline.

Over the last year we’ve seen probably 3 to 1 in requests for a tankless versus standard tank water heater. A common thought is tankless means instantaneous hot water and it’s not because of the ad from 1901 so I’m blaming that on that “insta-pot” Christmas craze.  It’s not “insta-hot” it’s unlimited hot water.

Many homeowners who are looking at tankless water heaters versus a storage tank water heater have pretty much done their homework. They know they are more energy efficient, have lower operating costs, are more compact than a tank water heater and last longer, most 20 years or longer and this…

Burst water heaters are one of the top causes for residential water damage. When full, a standard 50-gallon tank water heater weighs around 500 pounds. When a water heater leak in an attic goes undetected until it’s… well you can guess how that story goes. A tankless certainly mitigates the 500-pound gorilla from crashing through your ceiling.

So, do we install more tankless than tank water heaters? No, it’s not just a simple swap out and a tankless isn’t the right solution for every homeowner, which is one of the reasons we provide our customers with a free in-home guaranteed proposal for their water heater replacement.

Time to replace your water heater? We don’t guarantee a hot bath for one cent. We do guarantee our replacement proposals are what you pay and not one cent more.

Contact us at forcehomeservices.com. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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