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Meet the Primary Candidates: State House District 63

In March, local voters will go to the polls to select their party’s nominees for political office at the county, state and federal levels.

The Republican and Democratic primary elections are scheduled for March 1, 2022. Early voting will begin Feb. 14. To win their party’s nomination, a candidate must earn more than 50% of votes in the race; if a race with three or more candidates doesn’t end with one candidate receiving more than half of the votes, a primary runoff election will be held between the top two vote recipients on May 24. The winners in each party will be on the General Election ballot in November. Find more voter information on the Denton County Elections Administration website at

New State House district maps

Among other races on the ballot will be the State House District 63 seat, which now covers a small section of southern Denton County after recent redistricting. Click here to see which U.S. Congress, State House, State Senate and Board of Education districts you’re in now.

Republican Tan Parker currently holds the District 63 seat, but he is running for State Senate District 12 instead of seeking reelection. District 63 drew four Republican candidates: Ben Bumgarner, Jake Collier, Nick Sanders and Jeff Younger. The winner of the Republican primary will face the lone Democratic candidate, Denise Wooten, in the November election.

The Cross Timbers Gazette emailed questionnaires to candidates in selected contested primary elections. Their submissions are listed alphabetically below.

State Rep. District 63 (REPUBLICAN)

Ben Bumgarner

Benjamin Bumgarner

Age: 38

City/Town of Residence: Flower Mound

Current Occupation: Self-employed

Education: McKinney High School graduate 2002
B.A. Austin College 2007

Public service: Town Council Place 3 2019-2022 Flower Mound

What motivated you to run for this position and why are you the best choice? Locally I accomplished some things that really helped our community in Flower Mound. Lowest tax rate in the history of the town, paid down debt, voted and advocated for a more transparent local government. People try to tell me “no” or “it can’t be done”. I’m a problem solver and a great mediator. When Senator Jane Nelson announced her retirement and State Rep. Tan Parker announced that he was running for SD 12 it left a void. It left a leadership need. I prayed about it. I talked with supporters of mine and I made a decision with the guidance from God, family and friends that I would step up and do my best for the constituents of 63 as I have for my neighbors in Flower Mound.

Endorsements: Sheriff Tracy Murphree
Congressman Pat Fallon
State Representative Jared Patterson
Constable Danny Fletcher
HOA president Chris Caccamo
HOA president Don Gilmore


Jake Collier

Jake Collier

Age: 29

City/Town of Residence: Lewisville

Current Occupation: Business Owner

Education: Holliday High School
Texas Tech University

Public service: Since moving to the area in 2015, I’ve been committed to serving and volunteering in our community through my church as well as through the school districts. I’ve led hundreds of students in our community in areas of ministry, business, and in every day life for the last 6 years. Whether it be my landscaping company, my church, or the schools, my public service has been geared towards the youth and building their future.

What motivated you to run for this position and why are you the best choice? I fear a future where our children and their children’s children do not have the freedom we have now, which is part of what led me to want to get into politics when I was younger. Because I’ve studied and experienced government on top of serving in my community for so long, I’ve been given a great understanding of the needs of people in my community and they need a real fighter. I’ve fought for legislation, led teams to fight for legislation, and certainly saw legislation through to the end with Constitutional Carry. I know what it takes to build a coalition to find consensus, rally around legislation, and fight it through the rest of the legislative process. My community is my family, and they need a voice in Austin that knows their needs. I don’t have any children of my own currently—I know one day they’ll look back and know that I actually did something to fight for their future.

Endorsements: Congressman Ronny Jackson
Gun Owners of America
Former ICE Agent Victor Avila


Facebook page: Jake Collier for Texas State Representative

Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders

Age: 75

City/Town of Residence: Trophy Club

Current Occupation: CEO – Business owner

Education: Associates Degree from Navarro College in Corsicana Tx
Mechanical Engineering from UTA in Arlington Tx

Public service: Town of Trophy Club Management Advisory Committee – 2004-2005
Town of Trophy Club Mayor – May 2005 – May 2008
Town of Trophy Club Economic Development Corporation 4B – 2008 – 2010
Trophy Club Municipal Utility District – Board member and Board President 1 year – May 2010-May 2014
Town of Trophy Club Mayor – May 2014 – Dec 2020
Board Member and President for 2 years of Metroport Cities Partnership
Board Member and Treasurer and President of Northeast Leadership Forum – 2010 to present

What motivated you to run for this position and why are you the best choice? As a successful businessman, I understand the devastating effects high taxes and unnecessary red tape can have in creating jobs and growing the economy. As Mayor, I cut taxes while investing in public safety and our infrastructure. I believe my proven conservative record has prepared me to address our biggest issues.

Biden’s open border policy has been a disaster impacting Denton County with an increase in human and drug trafficking. If the federal government won’t secure the border, Texas must.

Property taxes are too high. I’ll bring my tax-cutting record to Austin to provide real property tax relief. We can do this, while still funding our public schools by reforming our school finance system. For too long, the state has placed a majority of the funding burden on local taxpayers. Ensuring quality public education is essential for our quality of life and labor force.

Endorsements: Mayor Scooter Gierisch, Mayor of Roanoke
Mayor Alicia Fleury, Mayor of Trophy Club
Mayor Laura Wheat, Mayor of Westlake
Mayor David Rettig, Mayor of Northlake
Mayor Laura Hill, former Mayor of Southlake
Mayor Scott & Kelly Bradley, former Mayor of Westlake
Phil Brooks, Tina Patel, William Kinbrough, Steve Mundt, Kerry Bates, Phil Sanders, Phil Smythe, Jim & Irma Thomas, Jeff Beach (Councilman), Kirk Wilson, Mark Chapman, Jesse Howard, John & Vicki Navarre, Greg Martin, Robert Finn, Karl Monger (Councilman), Greg Lamont (Councilman), Lewis Meo, Steve Flynn, Kelly Castonguay, Pat Currie, Merideth Hannifin, Andy Sedino, Dee Baron, Bryan Moyers, David Brundage, Sharon Sheridan, Danny Mayer, Bambi McCormick, Brett Hooyerink, Kim Himes, Shawn Hearn, Ben Cambra, Susan & Dave Edstrom, Raj Chudasama, Don & Betty Rose, Tim Everett, Clark Ballentine, Cyndi Huizenga
NRA AQ Rating


Facebook page: Nick Sanders for Texas

Jeff Younger and Bob Weir (photo by Netsky Rodriguez)

Jeff Younger

Age: 56

City/Town of Residence: Flower Mound

Current Occupation: Applied Mathematician

Education: N/A

Public service: I’m a US Army Veteran. I served in the Infantry. My final duty station was Headquarters US Army Airborne School.

I have a track record of mobilizing grass roots political power in service to the Texas Republican Legislative Priorities. In the last session, I lead the fight for Texas Republican Legislative Priority #3, to stop gender modification of children. I also worked hard for Constitutional Carry in Texas.

What motivated you to run for this position and why are you the best choice? A Texas court allowed my nine-year-old son to be transitioned to a girl without my consent. I have skin in game. My son’s life is on the line. I’ve been harmed by government. I know why it must be strictly limited.

I know how to use political power. I proved that lobbying the legislature. On my website, I don’t just tell you that I agree with abstract principles, I tell you how I’m going to fix problems.

I’m conservative. My opposing candidates aren’t, by-and-large. One voted to shutdown Flower Mound. One wants to compromise with Democrats. Another lacks experience.

The choice is between three candidates – one who violated your rights in office, one who works with Democrats, and one who’s inexperienced – and me, a proven fighter for conservatism.

On balance, I’m clearly the best conservative choice.

Endorsements: I am the only candidate in the race endorsed by Texas Right to Life.

I am the only candidate in the race endorsed by this District’s State Republican Executive Committee members, Jill Glover and David Wylie.


Facebook page: Jeff Younger for Texas

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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