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Foodie Friday: Cristy’s Cake Shop

Imagine growing up in your family’s cake shop. That is exactly what Mich Camargo did and now has brought his mother’s recipes to Flower Mound to share with all of us. Mich said that for as long as he can remember his mother was baking these amazing cakes and cookies.

When you step into Cristy’s Cakes you are greeted with the wonderful smells of these craft-made cakes. A portrait on the wall of his mother Cristy is there along with many pictures of family and friends over the years. It has the feel of a hometown bakery for sure. Not just cakes, but cookies and cupcakes too. Let’s talk about those cookies. Have you ever had a Hojarascas? It is a delicious light Mexican wedding cookie. These bite-sized pieces of heaven are delicious.

(Above) This is the original Tres Leches. One of the very first cakes made since the shovel hit the dirt!

Located next to Gloria’s in Flower Mound and has been open since January. You can pre-order your cakes or come get one of the many cakes available in the case daily. Thank you Mich for bringing a taste of your mother’s Brownsville bakery to Flower Mound.

*Cristy’s Cake Shop is located at 3721 Justin Rd Suite 150, Flower Mound, TX 75028

Jay Marks
Jay Marks
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