Sunday, December 10, 2023

LETTER: I’m done with COVID

I’m done!

This has gone way too far. When I can’t watch my granddaughter play soccer, that’s enough.

This isn’t about left or right, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, even life or death.
And it isn’t about our elected officials’ reactions.

IT IS ABOUT FEAR! And what is it about this illness that has triggered this over the top, irrational, baseless reaction and paranoid concern for the health and safety of each of us?

I can almost understand the initial response, though I’m not sure it was warranted. It was a new virus; we didn’t have a lot of information (reliable, accurate, responsible) so perhaps erring on the side of caution was warranted.

But come on, we are now 6–9 months (or longer) into this thing, depending on who, what source you believe. And EVERY statistic we have now reasonably tells us this is less dangerous than a dozen diseases that have been around for years. So exactly what are we so afraid of?

Face it! We are all going to die. We weren’t designed to live forever. Life has always had risk. And while it may be prudent to try and mitigate that risk to whatever extent each of us feel necessary, at some point the mitigation begins to usurp the joy of life. A lot of successful mitigation examples around: motorcycles helmets, helmets for youth sports, vaccinations, better eating habits, no smoking, and many others. So what made this risk different?

Look around you at the nonsense we have allowed (not the politicians, political parties, or media).

– Wear a cloth mask, filter/no filter to protect others while staying 6’ apart

– Check in at your doctor, then wait in your car for the nurse to text/call you to come into the exam room

– Wear a mask to enter and exit a restaurant and take it off when you are seated

– Spend trillions of dollars in aid for people we put out of work by forced closings

– And even more on paying the businesses we forced to close so they could stay in business

– Conflicting information abounds. So called experts can’t ever agree on testing or masking needs

– Reopen schools part time? COVID-19 apparently doesn’t infect on a full time basis

– Allow children to participate in youth sports yet don’t allow families to watch games. THIS ONE WAS MY LAST STRAW!!

This COVID-19 has become a terrible sham if it wasn’t already. I have no idea if it was intentional, misguided research, politically motivated or an alien invasion. And frankly I could care less.

When 99% of the people who have contracted the disease recover and less than 0.3% die, it is time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and resume our lives. COVID-19 is just one more risk in our lives.

Perhaps we could spend those trillions on curing hunger, homelessness, better care for veterans, treating drug addiction, rebuilding crumbling neighborhoods, repair thousands of mile of infrastructure or a myriad of other issues that we have.

For me, I will no longer live in fear. If I get sick I’ll stay home, follow the doctor’s orders, and get over it… OR NOT! It is and has always been a choice……… UNTIL NOW! Think about that friends.

It is time for our nation, state, county, town to get out of the COVID-19 business and get on with our lives.


Jim Pierson
Flower Mound, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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