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Enriching men’s health and well-being

Dr. Sarah E. Laibstain, Family Medicine Associates of Texas

By Dr. Sarah E. Laibstain

You can tell June has arrived when temperatures begin to peak, the kids are out of school and families gather around for a Father’s Day BBQ. June is also recognized as National Men’s Health Month, focusing on raising awareness for common and preventable health issues. It also serves as an opportunity to encourage check-ups for threats men are potentially prone to experience during their lifetime. A combination of practices including healthy eating, balanced exercise and proactive preventative care can decrease the impact of such prevalent common health concerns.

The saying “you are what you eat” truly goes a long way when it comes to men’s overall well-being. Your body’s food intake has a great impact on how it functions and pursuing a healthier lifestyle can begin as simply as planning a grocery list. During your next visit to the grocery store, seek foods that can boost male health such as lean red meat, avocados, pistachios, orange vegetables and leafy green vegetables. A balance of these types of foods lends to supporting a nutrient-dense diet which is key to staying healthy, lean, and strong.

One of the next biggest contributors to men’s overall health is balanced exercise. Leading a healthy lifestyle begins with consistent practice throughout the week. Begin by outlining a weekly workout regimen based on your physical activity level and availability. Workouts that focus on strength training, cardio and intervals can easily be tailored to fit any schedule. Next, men should set realistic goals tailored to their health needs. This is a great way to not only fuel your drive but to also ensure consistency for your exercise program.

Lastly, a key means to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for men is to pursue proactive checkups with their physician. Preventative care is often overlooked by men because they simply “feel healthy.” However, this does not negate its importance. Whether it is around your birthday or the mark of each summer, it is recommended to set a date to ensure accountability for yearly physicals. The most prevalent men’s health concerns include heart disease, stroke, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and mental health issues such as depression. Regular visits that include open and honest communication with one’s physician can be an effective method to proactively detect and treat any issues.

The importance of focusing on male health is to encourage men to live longer and healthier lives. Therefore, if you are experiencing any difficulties pertaining to eating patterns or exercise habits or if you are displaying any type of symptom, schedule a consultation with your family physician. As a medical expert, they can provide you with a comprehensive action plan and conduct proper testing.


Dr. Sarah E. Laibstain is a general family medicine practitioner at Family Medicine Associates of Texas in Carrollton. She thoroughly enjoys improving the health and lives of individuals ranging from young children to adulthood.  For more information, call 972-394-8844, or visit

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