Marcus principal apologizes for girls-only dress code video

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New Marcus High School Principal Will Skelton apologized to students and parents Friday for a school video that intended to remind students of the dress code, but it only portrayed girls as violators.

The 1-minute-long video was played at school Thursday, according to Skelton’s letter to parents, and depicted about 20 female students wearing clothing that violated the dress code being placed in some sort of dress code detention. The pop song “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. plays in the background.

“So, what are you in for?” one girl asks another.

“I’m wearing athletic shorts,” the other responds.

“Me too,” the first says.

Then a female teacher or staff member leads the girls in repeatedly reciting the line, “I will not wear athletic shorts.”

The fact that the video only portrays girls as violating the dress code offended many students and parents, some of whom expressed their thoughts on social media.

“I understand why my school has a dresscode, but what about the boys who wear shorts, or show their shoulders?” one female student wrote in a Twitter post. “It’s 2018…Why are we still over-sexualizing teen girls?”

“As a mom, I am appalled” several social media users said in response to the video.

Will Skelton (center), principal of Marcus High School in Flower Mound.

Skelton, on his third school day as principal, apologized for the video, which he said “was accompanied by a poor song choice.”

“Construction in and around the campus prevented us from holding student orientation, which is typically accompanied by a fashion show that demonstrates what to wear, and what not to wear,” Skelton’s letter said. “We believed a video would be a good way to replace the fashion show, but this video absolutely missed the mark. Please accept my sincere apology for not ensuring our video achieved its intended purpose – to remind ALL students of our dress code expectations.”

Most of the Lewisville ISD dress code is not gender-specific, according to the Marcus 2018-19 student handbook. It says shorts are OK for boys and girls as long as they are mid-thigh-length or longer.

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Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. Avatar
    Lisa and Michael Holloway

    Here is an open letter to the Principal of Marcus. I challenge everyone to step up and be decent.

    Principal Skelton,
    By now you have most likely received hundreds of emails – I do not expect you to get a chance to even respond to this one. Maybe the subject line caught your attention though. We are saddened but not surprised at the backlash you have received from what seem to be a bunch of folks with too much time on their hands.

    First off, your in pretty much an impossible job. You can be perfect, but according to the residents of Flower Mound and Highland Village that have kids at Marcus, that is only par. I must say, we are a ‘blessed’ town to have so many that are of such high talent and caliber that they feel they can persecute and condemn those who they feel have fallen short of their ideal image of a leader, school administrator, or even anyone else that may find their way into their crosshairs.

    This stuff has the makings of a B movie shown on Netflix. So much ado about really nothing. If no one has done so yet, we want to welcome you to our community albeit under so much consternation. We are ashamed of how our community has acted in this situation. Seriously. Its really so stupid. Yes, dress code is important. The way in which it was handled was not the best but really it wasn’t as big a deal compared to how folks are reacting. The drug issues and the domestic violence issues that pelage this area should be on these folks minds. How they have acted and are acting is shameful.

    We are parents of a sophomore if you ever need to just get away and have a reasonable conversation over a coffee or a glass of Irish Whiskey (I have some really good stuff!), please feel free to contact either me or my wife. We will welcome you with open arms.

    That goes for your entire staff as well!

    Again – don’t let the b******** grind you down!

  2. Avatar
    Mike Holloway

    I find the song the most objectionable part of the video! Seriously. This made national news? Now watch something else is going to happened there and networks will refer back to this…’Marcus HS made the news this year with its controversial video concerning dress code has made the news again, this time a student filled up the Pricipals car with feathers…’
    Why can’t girls wear athletic shorts again? Goes right back to sexual exploitation? Enticing teen boys? PLEASE! A full burlap burka wouldn’t stop the hormones of a young teen. What’s next, the town imposing a clothing ban at the shops? Where does this end?
    But let’s say all this makes sense in some strange way (which it really doesn’t), the video misses the mark on so many levels. The content is weak. The production value is weak. For a school that has a fantastic drama department, notionally recognizes musicians, and a high overall acedemic prowess, this attempt was sub-par.
    Didn’t any of the folks who produced this consider showing it to a focus group first ?

  3. Avatar
    Mike Dub

    Everyone is just looking for a reason to be offended now a days. Grow up! Stop looking at the world with a angry eye. I laughed when I first saw this video. It seemed like all the girls were having fun making the video. They all appeared to be smiling and bubbly. Nobody appeared to be held against their will! Lose the chip on your shoulder.

  4. Avatar
    Veronica Wagenleitner

    Thumbs up to the school and students for coming up with a catchy video demonstrating dress code. I don’t discriminate the boys for not being interested in participating in the video.

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