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Debra & Adam Hammett of Serious Results Personal Training studio in Flower Mound.

We hear a lot about metabolisms. A lot of people are envious of their friend’s “fast metabolism.” We hear Aunt Judy say her metabolism has slowed down. What does all this mean?

The metabolism is the sum of all the chemical processes in your body that build you up and break you down. People who are in a high state of growth, such as babies, adolescents, and high-level athletes, are often said to have a “fast metabolism” because they require more food relative to their weight than people who are in a low state of growth, such as the elderly and those who are sedentary.

Metabolism is not set in stone. It adapts over time to the lifestyle needs of the individual. These adaptations are affected by the individual’s genetics, activity level and the intensity of the activities, body composition, and hormonal levels, among other factors.

People often say that those who put on weight easily have a “slow” metabolism and those who struggle to put on weight have a “fast” metabolism. Depending on the individual, this may or may not be true. Sometimes people just eat too much or not enough for their lifestyle and state of growth.

An individual’s metabolic rate can be estimated by using one’s statistics in a standardized formula, or it can be determined specifically for an individual through a test. Some tests are conducted while the person is seated or lying down, and others are conducted while you are exercising. Both types measure the way your body processes oxygen and carbon dioxide. Knowing your metabolic rate eliminates the guesswork that is often involved in the beginning of any program, as well as having a coach who understands how to incorporate your metabolic rate into your nutrition and training plan.

Debra and Adam Hammett own and operate Serious Results Personal Training located at 1150 Parker Square in Flower Mound. To inquire about coaching or testing your metabolic rate contact us at 214-642-5853.

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