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Bartonville Town Update – May 2018

Bartonville Mayor Bill Scherer

Greetings from Bartonville!

Spring weather is always volatile and unpredictable.  Due to bad weather, our Bartonville Spring Clean-Up scheduled for April 21st was postponed to May 12th.  If you signed up for household hazardous waste collection, your time slot will remain the same.  Please call Town Hall if you need to cancel your appointment.  Also, as a friendly reminder for safe disposal of prescriptions, you don’t need to wait for an official spring cleaning event.  We have a safe place kiosk at Town Hall.

What a great turnout!  Thank you to all the residents that took the time to respond and provide us your vision regarding Bartonville police coverage.  We are always interested in resident input and feedback.  The results will be presented at the May 15th Town Council meeting.

Exciting changes continue to happen in our small town.  It is sad to have lost Savory Bistro, yet we are excited to announce that the Golden Egg Café will open in their space.  This breakfast and lunch restaurant will open sometime in May.  As weather continues to improve, check out the event venue at Marty B’s as they have planned great entertainment for May.  Also, many of you have noticed the construction near Marty B’s.  That is where 7-Eleven is relocating.

It is that season.  Time to be aware of mosquitos and standing water.  Swing by Town Hall, and residents can receive 4 free mosquito dunks/rings (which kill mosquito larva).  The larvicides are for standing and stagnant bodies of water.  It is not necessary to treat a properly functioning pool/spa with larvicide.  And yes, spring showers bring May flowers, but it also brings quick grass overgrowth.  Please remember it is the responsibility of all of us to mow our bar ditches along the roads.  This helps with visibility, fire protection and it makes for good neighbors.  Please take a moment and keep the grass low.

Lastly, as we near Memorial Day, I want to personally thank everyone that took the time to attend the Celebration of Life service for Captain Mark Weber.  To ensure a lasting legacy for these heroes, I’m honored to say our town is in the early stages of planning a monument to honor Bartonville’s veterans.  Stay tuned for more information and details as our plans progress.

Summer is approaching, and school is finishing.  Be mindful of our children and embrace our warm weather!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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