Thursday, September 28, 2023

Women of America, use your voice to stop gun violence

by Ken Hodge

Recently, we have witnessed an unprecedented movement across America, women of all ages and nationalities are speaking out against sexual abuse of all kinds. As a result of women boldly stepping forward publicly, we have seen men in very high places and some not so high, publicly embarrassed and humiliated to the point of resignations, terminations and civil action lawsuits. In addition, companies are rewriting their policies and procedures regarding conduct in the work place. The result is that sexual harassers are walking softly.

Throughout history, the power of women has been demonstrated over and over again. I suggest there is an even greater cause or challenge for you – that of gun control. While the recent slaughter of innocent school children has once again shocked and outraged all decent people, politicians are talking about age limits, better background checks, mental illness and eliminating bump stocks. This is a band-aid!  We have to stop the sale of automatic military type assault weapons. Yes, gun owners, gun manufacturers and the NRA will bring up the 2nd Amendment.

Is it not time to recognize that the wonderfully intelligent, forward thinking men who drafted our constitution could not have possibly imagined our technological world today? If alive today, I submit they would amend the 2nd Amendment in a heartbeat and make it applicable to today. Ask any gun owner and NRA member if automatic assault, military type weapons were not available, would some lives have been spared. They will answer by saying weapons do not kill people, people kill, or they will answer that perpetrators will use other types of weapons to kill.  Both true statements, but none can deny that lives would undoubtedly be saved if assault weapons were not used.

Unfortunately, people will continue to die at the hands of nut cases, but let’s at least get the heavy artillery weapons out of their hands. Women of the country, please unite as you have against sexual abuse! Perhaps, the wives, girlfriends and daughters of politicians, NRA members, executives and other influential men should pose this simple question: Do you believe lives would have been spared if those high- capacity assault weapons had not been used in those attacks? Ask them if just one person is spared, would it not be worth it.  Learn the names of NRA executives and politicians that are controlled by them. Make them as uncomfortable as you have the sexual harassment perpetrators until they come to the realization that the mighty can fall, the NRA can topple and the politicians can be kicked out of office.

Do not let our politicians try to placate us with a band-aid.  Get the guns!

All you wives, mothers and celebrities; speak up and speak to your men.  Get it done!  Get the guns!  Men, listen to your significant other. Give up your assault rifles and enjoy the other guns in your arsenal. Lead the way; the life you save might be your loved one. Celebrities, executives, preachers, and the rest of us, let’s join the movement. The time is now. Let’s get it done. Let’s get the guns!


Ken Hodge is a longtime Flower Mound resident and premier custom homebuilder throughout the North Texas community.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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