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Foodie Friday: Burgers in Paradise

Before we get into this week’s post, we just want to thank all you Foodies who sent us recommendations last week for new places to try! We received some great suggestions. In fact, this week’s Foodie Friday location is all thanks to one of our followers! And remember… we’re always open to more of your recommendations, so feel free to always pass them along!


But anyway… let’s get to this week’s scrumptious meal shall we? One of our Foodies insisted we head out towards Argyle to the Paradise Spirits, Fine Wine, Food & Deli on the corner of I-35W and FM 407 to sample some of their delicious burgers. I’ll admit – I’ve driven by this gas station/convenience store/etc. several times before, and have always wondered what exactly is inside. So, I was extremely excited to finally take a small road trip for lunch to figure that out!


If you’re on the lookout for a great hamburger or deli shop off the beaten path, Paradise is the place for you. At first glance, this place looks like just another convenience store, but look further and you’ll see their fresh deli meats and grill, and you’ll quickly realize there’s more to this place than meets the eye.



Paradise is truly a landmark. Don’t believe me? This place literally has its own small city built around it. Once you cross over into Paradise territory, you’ve officially entered Corral City – a 100-acre city with a population of about 25-30 people. I’d say that makes this place pretty legitimate, wouldn’t you?

The menu at Paradise is simple, which I believe means you can expect great food because they know what they’re best at making. And Paradise is GREAT at making juicy hamburgers made from meat ground right there in the store each day. Don’t even get me started on the hamburger buns they use… Well, okay. I will get started. They use a substantial sweet sourdough bun baked fresh in a small Houston bakery. Manager, Tim Gamblin, told us it took several rounds of testing to find the best buns for their burgers, and these Houston-made ones were definitely worth the wait!



But in addition to their wonderful hamburgers, you can also stop by Paradise for some of their breakfast items including breakfast sandwiches and burritos perfectly suited for customers on-the-go, or you can take some time to stop in and chow down on their biscuits and gravy.

They also have an incredible deli meat selection – all fresh and carved right there when you order.

I’m grateful for hidden gems like Paradise, where you can step outside of the craziness for just a bit and enjoy some truly incredible food in a unique location.

So, make some time soon to head out to Corral City for a little taste of Paradise! And thanks again to one of our Foodies for the great recommendation!

*Paradise Spirits, Fine Wine, Food & Deli is located at the Intersection of FM 407 and I-35W.

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