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Gelbman agrees to testify

Itamar Gelbman, Place 5, Flower Mound Town Council.
Itamar Gelbman, Place 5, Flower Mound Town Council.

Flower Mound Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Itamar Gelbman has agreed to testify under oath as part of the investigation into possible violations of the Town Charter and ethics ordinance.

Gelbman sent an email to Town Manager Jimmy Strathatos and Town Attorney Bryn Meredith on Tuesday morning to let them know that he has contacted investigator Ross Foster of Foster & East to schedule a time to meet.

“Please don’t waste anymore tax payer money regarding this investigation,” Gelbman stated in his email.

The Flower Mound Town Council voted Monday night to authorize Mayor Tom Hayden to subpoena Gelbman if he did not agree to set up a time to testify under oath by this Thursday afternoon.

Gelbman was not present at the meeting, but sent an email to Town Manager Jimmy Stathatos on Monday explaining that he asked Foster to see the evidence and the topics he is going to ask him about in advance, but Foster refused.

“This is a clear violation of my constitutional rights and not according to the normal practice of law and/or normal practice of conducting an investigation,” stated Gelbman in his email.

His testimony under oath will allow Foster to provide town officials a complete investigation report.

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CTG Staff
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