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Foodie Friday: Thai Food at Noodle Swing

DSC_0155This week we continued our quest to bring attention to some of the locally owned and operated restaurants in the Flower Mound/Highland Village area by revisiting Noodle Swing Thai Cafe near the Kroger off FM 1171. Before we visited Noodle Swing the first time, I had surprisingly never experienced Thai food before. But now our team frequents the restaurant and have all become big fans of Thai food!



photo 1(19)

photo 3(15)So, I’d love to share some of our favorite dishes with you!

To start your meal, they have so many delicious appetizers between the lettuce wraps, edamame and crab wontons, and the Swing Dumplings. The dumplings are to die for! They’re made with ground pork, shrimp and herbs wrapped in a wonton wrapper and are served with a chili soy sauce on the side. I could probably eat two or three plates of these. (But I don’t. I’m on a diet, remember?)

DSC_0160And if you go at lunch, their Lunch Menu is a great deal! It comes with a main entree, a spring roll and your choice of soup or salad. We love the salad with their house-made peanut dressing and their Chicken Tom Yum soup. The peanut dressing on the salad is amazing and adds an awesome level of salt to the fresh salad. And the soup is just a great, simple chicken broth soup – the perfect start to a meal and a great option when you’re feeling a little under the weather (something to keep in mind over the next few months!).


DSC_0156As far as entrees go, you can never go wrong with their traditional and delicious Pad Thai. I prefer mine with chicken. But I’d also recommend trying the Spicy Sweet Basil which is a chicken dish served with spicy chili garlic sauce and a volcano of rice on the side. I love the volcano. I always feel like a kid playing with my food when I knock it down.


DSC_0165And here’s a little insider tip to keep in mind – when the menu says “spicy” it really only means that the dish is prepared using spices, but everything on the menu is served mild. So, if you like some heat to your Thai food, keep in mind you’ll have to request that they add some extra spice to your dish.

We love Noodle Swing and we’re so glad that we discovered it for ourselves and that we’ve been able to go back often since! If you’re looking for a great spot for Thai food in the area, I definitely recommend you give Noodle Swing Thai Cafe a try. The staff are so helpful, the dishes are served up beautifully and the food is absolutely delicious. And you can leave at the end of the meal feeling fully satisfied, but not too full.

photo 1(18)What are some of your favorite local spots that you’d like us to visit? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and you just might see your favorite restaurant featured here on our blog!

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