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Argyle police blotter: Turtles, dogs and coyotes

argyle_pd_patch-cropThe following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of the CTG:

A caller was run off the roadway by a blue BMW while going eastbound on East Hickory Hill Road. Police determined that the caller, who was driving a white 2007 GMC Arcadia had an injured shoulder. The vehicle was damaged on the front end. Someone hit a coyote in front of a resident’s house and killed it. The resident wanted to know if the city removes dead animals. Police advised him that TxDOT or the town’s animal control officer would be contacted to see about picking up the carcass. The caller told police he was going to have a brush fire and would just put the dead coyote’s body in the fire.

Argyle police received a complaint about an English bulldog whose owners let it run wild all the time. The dog, which did have a collar on, was not being aggressive, but the caller said she was once bitten by a dog and is now nervous being around loose dogs. Police located the dog’s owner, who said the dog tends to get out through a hole in the fence. The owner said he is working to repair the fence again. An officer stopped to assist a cyclist that had a blowout on his bike. He was able to repair the bicycle tire himself.

A caller phoned police from Johnny Joe’s in Argyle to report a man trying to sell a Dodge Ram pickup with Oklahoma plates for $300. The man appeared to be white or Hispanic, and was dressed in full camouflage. He was possibly drunk, and was running around in circles, the caller said. A car stopped in front of a caller’s property and unloaded five or six boxes, a TV and other items and left them there. The caller wanted to notify police before she removed the items. She requested an officer look inside the boxes first. Police reported that it looked like someone set the items out there for trash pickup and the Department of Public Works would be notified.

Police received a complaint about a large dog, which looked like a large yellow Labrador retriever, loose in someone’s front yard barking at people. The caller said she was walking some distance from the dog but was afraid to go back to the area.

A man called, advising that his son was inside the house being aggressive toward his family after drinking all night. The father said he thought his son had bitten his mother, then took off down the road with the mother chasing after him. Police were able to capture and arrest the son.

School traffic was forced to use only one lane each way near the 1800 block of Hickory Hill because a trailer was parked on the road. It appeared that the trailer was legally parked except for a crank handle that was sticking out into the roadway. Police contacted the owner about the situation.

A gray Honda Civic got stuck after trying to drive around cones at Hwy 377 and Country Club Road to pass high water from flooding.

During the recently flooding an officer was reportedly saving turtles and did not need to call for backup.

A caller reported that several people, who appeared to be teenagers, were doing “burnouts” in the parking lot across from the caller’s home. One of them apparently climbed onto the roof of a small building attached to the community pool. Police found five people sitting in the playground area nearby and pointing to those on the roof. Police saw two teenage boys laying down on the roof and advised them to get down. It did not appear that any damage had been done, police reported.

A caller reported that the neighbors went out and left their dogs outside for several days. The four or five dogs were apparently barking non-stop. One dog, a small German shepherd, was tied up but broke loose during a storm and was running wild. The other dogs were locked up in the yard and were there during the storms when water got very high. The caller was also concerned that the dogs hadn’t been fed for a week. An animal control officer checked out the area and said the dogs weren’t in any danger and had sufficient living conditions. He was unable to reach the owners at the time but did leave a notice on the front door of the residence.

Police received a call about a vehicle that was involved in an accident on Highway 114. According to police reports, the vehicle actually landed in the Lake Cities Church of Christ, and heavy smoke was bellowing from it.

A caller said someone had been sending his girlfriend messages on Facebook constantly and when he got involved the caller threatened bring a friend to the caller’s house and fight him. The threatening message had also included vulgar language. Police went to the caller’s residence but no one showed up to fight the caller while the office was there. It turns out that the caller sent the original threat and the other party responded in kind. Police advised the caller and others involved to block the alleged aggressor from Facebook and to not speak to him anymore.

Police responded to a call about a stopped vehicle whose driver appeared to be having some sort of medical attack. The caller said the male driver was hyperventilating, shaking and running his hands through his hair. Medics arrived on the scene as well as an unknown female who told police that the driver was fine, but had just been “dumped” by someone he was seeing.

A caller reported that someone may have tampered with his neighbor’s riding lawn mower and asked police for extra patrols of his neighborhood for two weeks.

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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