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Bartonville Town Update – May 2015

Bartonville  Councilmember Jeff Traylor
Bartonville Councilmember Jeff Traylor

I wanted to go over a few events happening here in Bartonville. On April 18th, we held our annual Spring Clean-Up Day. This is a great town event run solely by volunteers.

Spring Clean-Up Day allows residents of Bartonville to dispose of trash, hazardous materials, metals, recyclables and many more. It’s the chance to clear out that garage or storage room, clean up the back yard or just get rid of stuff you don’t want or need.

This year we had 58 homes participate and dispose of hazardous waste and approximately 100 families bring trash, donated goods, metal, trees, tires and other items. We will have total waste disposed of in a few weeks. We appreciate all the volunteers that make this happen year after year.

Standing water is a problem. With all of the much needed rain we have received also come problems in the form of mosquitoes. Please look around and remove any standing water where mosquitoes may gather. For ponds, or even birdbaths, Town Hall provides our residents free mosquito dunks (rings), which kill mosquito larva. Just stop by during normal business hours. Help us to minimize mosquitoes.

These recent spring rains also bring tall weeds and grass. It is the responsibility of each of us to mow our bar ditches along the roads. This helps with visibility, fire protection and it makes good neighbors. Please take a moment and keep the grass low.

Being a small town, we need your help. If you see high grass or a pothole, something that needs attention, we need you to help be our eyes and ears. If you see something, call town hall. Help us to keep our town happy and beautiful.

Don’t forget about the election on May 9th.  The town has 3 positions up for election. On May 9th you will be able to vote at our Town Hall. Early voting runs through May 5th and you can vote at either Double Oak or Argyle Town Hall.

If you ever have questions, please contact Town Hall and Stacey or Tammy would be happy to help you. You can also contact any council member by email; e-mail address can be found at

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