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Argyle Police Blotter – March 2015

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of the CTG:

Police were called about a disturbance at the 300 block of Oak Drive involving people arguing and cussing and yelling. Upon investigation, officers learned a homeowner had several kids over but that most had already left.

Police were called to a possible break-in at a liquor store in the 1200 block of FM 407 after someone reported hearing crashing and banging inside the business. A black truck was spotted backing out at an entrance ramp.

A person called police about several trucks pulling into vacant land on property near a neighborhood on Frenchtown Road and camping. The caller told police it looked suspicious. Police contacted the landowner, who told them the trucks on the property belong to him and the trailer and “tent looking cover” are actually shelters for his animals.

Police were called about construction at an unfinished house on Woodland Trail being in violation of a town ordinance. The officer talked to an 18-year-old, who said he and his younger brother were left at the site to finish the work because their father didn’t feel well. The brothers were advised they were violating the ordinance regulating construction hours.

A caller told police a vehicle was crossing the yellow line at Highway 377 and FM 407 and had pulled out in front of their vehicle. An officer talked with the driver, who told them she had just left work at a school and was eating an apple on her way home. She had a bag of apples slices in her hand when the officer approached.

Officers were called by a woman who wanted them to retrieve a dog she had recently adopted from a neighbor on Skyline Drive. The neighbor, who said the dog had been attacking his sheep, was being kept in a suitable enclosure with food and water until he could arrange an agreement with the owner. The neighbor, a veterinarian, said he was concerned because he knew what would happen if the dog became loose again and further attacked the sheep. The officer was advised by a supervisor that the dog should remain in the enclosure until an agreement could be reached with the dog’s owner.

A resident called police after dogs began barking and growling at an individual who had been walking around the block on Redbud Street several times for a 20-minute period. Police circled the block but were unable to locate anyone and advised the resident to call back if the individual was seen again.

An individual called police after spotting a young man running on foot towards Jeter Road. Police checked the area but were unable to locate anyone. They talked to several juveniles in the area, who told police they did not know of anyone fitting the description in the area.

A resident in the 400 block of Gibbons Road reported hearing gunshots – either from a shotgun or a handgun – going on for about an hour one evening. A second resident in the 100 block of Pecan Acres Lane also called police, indicating they heard about 70 shots go off.  An officer drove to both areas but did not hear any gunshots.

A caller notified police that a driver of a sedan was speeding and driving recklessly turning from eastbound on FM 407 to southbound on Stonecrest. The caller said “they look like they stole something and they’re running.” The caller was not happy at being passed. An officer contacted the driver, who said she was just trying to get around another vehicle while on her way to work.

An individual called police to report that someone had been calling his mother and trying to get money from her. A prior police report had been filed. The individual said the caller had a very heavy accent and had already taken about $400 from his mother, who lives on Old Justin Road. The caller was telling the mother that they would provide technical services for money.

A burglary of several saddles was reported at a farm in the 600 block of Old Justin Road. At least three saddles were determined to be missing with a fourth saddle possibly on loan.  The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

An 18-wheeler hit a tree in the 100 block of Whispering Trails Drive. No one was believed to have been injured in the incident. Several people were trying to move the truck and were tearing up the caller’s land, according to a police report.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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