Friday, March 31, 2023

Authentic Mexican Fare in Highland Village

Spend just a few minutes chatting with David Mitchell and you’ll be planning a trip to Fresco’s Mexicana muy pronto.

Setting itself apart from the rest, Fresco’s Mexicana focuses on providing authentic Mexican cuisine to delight the gourmet palate while offering the Tex-Mex favorites most of us have come to know and love.

Recently named Best of Denton County, Fresco’s Mexicana offers more than great Mexican food, ensuring that their menu caters to most tastes.

David, along with business partners Reagan Redus and Larry Folk, have combined their restaurateur expertise to forge a trio of eateries that have established enthusiastic regulars in Highland Village (off FM 407) as well as in Burleson and Watauga. From the beginning, the trio wanted to create an experience that was all about the food and the atmosphere.

Fresco’s reputation stems from a commitment to terrific customer service and to tantalizing taste buds with flavors, textures and techniques learned from the maestros of Mexican cuisine. For more than 20 years David has taken an annual 10-day trip to our southern neighbor to learn from and cook with chefs across the country, from Baja to the Yucatan.

Each trip expands his already extensive knowledge of regional recipes, ingredients, flavors and techniques. These journeys focus on the cuisine of a particular region in Mexico; the differences are vast and are based on ingredients readily available in the area.

Because of its long history of occupation by foreign countries combined with the foods of the indigenous populations, Mexican cuisine is quite rich and complex and continues to evolve from one region to another.

“I go to get rejuvenated and inspired,” David says of his trips to Mexico. “I believe that Mexico has the best ‘fusion food’ in the world, but that food is often misunderstood and misinterpreted here in the U.S. That’s why I go to the source for my ideas.”

Fresco’s Mexicana stays true to its name; recipes are made fresh in-house under the supervision of chefs trained personally by David. Beef is high quality Black Angus; chicken dishes use fresh, whole birds. Pork and brisket are cooked and prepped in the Fresco’s kitchen, and seafood is flown in fresh, never frozen.

Appetizers, side items and desserts are also made in the restaurant. Every recipe and each menu entrée has been created and crafted by David.

The Highland Village location is now offering Saturday and Sunday brunch, a variety of tantalizing entrées from a uniquely mouthwatering stuffed toast with cajeta caramel sauce to traditional Mexican breakfast items served with fresh, warm tortillas.

Fresco’s in Highland Village is also renovating existing facilities, Reagan says, adding more dining space to accommodate everything from corporate meetings to special-event parties. When renovations are complete, Fresco’s will be able to seat 550 people by offering a myriad of dining options with additional parking coming.

Step inside Fresco’s Mexicana and you’ll find everything from large rooms for corporate dinners to small niches for family get-togethers and even separate private cabanas complete with large flat-screen TVs in a living room-style setting perfect for sports-watching parties. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor bars and soon will add an additional servers’ station to more efficiently attend to guests dining outside.

“Fresco’s is about the experience we want to create – clean, inviting, family-friendly, delicious,” Reagan says. “We expect people to come in and know that they can get great, fresh food.” ¡Buen provech

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